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Only those who stake $BENJI in the next 48 hours will be allocated.

An Ancient History

The Basenji's history in Ancient Egypt dates back thousands of years, where they were revered as companions to pharaohs and depicted in ancient hieroglyphics. Known for their intelligence and hunting prowess, Basenjis were prized for their ability to assist in tracking and capturing game in the Egyptian desert.


Basenji boasts a straightforward tokenomic structure, built to endure for eternity. Just like the timeless legacy of ancient Egypt, $BENJI is poised to withstand the sands of time.


The oldest dog breed in history, happens to have base in its name.

1 Billion Supply

$BENJI utilizes a majestic circulating supply of 1 billion tokens, reminiscent of the abundance found in ancient Egypt.

0/0 Tax

$BENJI stands out with its remarkable 0% buy and sell tax, offering investors a seamless journey through the digital oasis.

Renounced Contract &
 Liquidity Burnt

$BENJI's renounced contract and liquidity burnt exemplify its commitment to fortifying the digital landscape.

How To Buy Basenji
On Base Network

For step-by-step guidance on purchasing $BENJI on the Base Network, be sure to watch the instructional video provided.

All you can eat treats.

Don't miss out on the joy of owning plenty of $BENJI tokens – it's like discovering the perfect dog treat on Base.



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